Possible MCB Failure Causes Fire

Published: 25th June 2010Bookmark and Share

These pictures were taken by an Electrician from our Small Works Department, who today replaced two Distribution Boards after a fire. This may have been the result of a faulty Electrium MCB.

Thankfully nobody was hurt! This happened very early in the morning whilst everybody was asleep, it could have easily been far more serious. The affected MCB was installed in an “Off Peak” consumer unit, and the occupants were only alerted to the danger when the linked smoke detectors went into alarm.

This is evidence as to why all electrical installations should be periodically tested and inspected for electrical safety.

Electrium have been very proactive in collecting the damaged distribution boards, at present we are awaiting their findings.

If you have had electrical work carried out on a property between April 2009 and March 2010, that required the installation of any of the affected MCB’s, please contact your original installer, or alternatively please contact our helpdesk on 01438 743800, who will be happy to assist you.