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Services - Emergency Lighting Installation

All premises that allow access to the public or employees must take all reasonable precautions to provide a safe environment. Whether there is one or ten thousand people in the building, if you let people inside your building before 9am or after around 3pm (unless you are an exceptional case) the law requires you to provide emergency lighting.

Best Electrical have installed a vast amount of emergency lighting systems, from a single exit point to multi occupied buildings for all types and sizes or companies.

Following recent developments within the emergency lighting industry we have started installing self testing emergency lighting systems. A self testing system eliminates the need for a manual inspection as we can design the system to send you and us an email notification in the event of a fault. This provides the most efficient emergency lighting system.

Obviously there is an accelerated cost for this type of system, however this also greatly reduces the need for emergency lighting maintenance therefore introducing a saving at the same time.

No matter the circumstance, we can provide cost effective emergency lighting solutions to suit any budget. From the aforementioned self testing systems to the more traditional light fittings and standard forms of operation.

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