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It is a common misconception that solar power isn't a viable option in the United Kingdom! Did you know that in the United Kingdom we receive around 60% of the sunlight from the equator? This is due to the United Kingdom being about 56 degrees on the axis of the Earth.

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With the cost of traditional power sources steadily rising, government tariffs have been introduced to help encourage the use of solar power. This has meant that today solar power has endless applications in domestic homes and the commercial sector, that both help reduce the impact on the environment and also lower energy costs for those having solar power installed.

The Government has launched new feed in tariffs which commenced in April 2010, this enable both home owners and businesses to benefit in 3 exciting ways.

Benefit 1: Generation Tariff

Anyone who has Solar Photovoltaic system installed will now be paid for every Kilowatt of electricity that they produce; this is calculated on an hourly basis. This is known as the Generation Tariff.

The table below shows the different amounts that are payable for each system.

Size of SystemGeneration Tariff (Per Kilowatt Produced)
Not exceeding 4 kilowatts (New Build)36.1p
Not exceeding 4 kilowatts (Retrofit)41.3p
4–10 Kilowatts36.1p
10–100 Kilowatts31.4p
100 Kilowatts – 5 Megawatts29.3p
Standalone System29.31p

Benefit 2: Export Tariffs

In addition to the main generation tariff you will also be eligible for the export tariff, this means that any excess electricity produced by your Solar Photovoltaic system can be sold back to your electricity supplier. There is a set price for exporting to the grid which is 3 pence, per Kilowatt, per hour.

Benefit 3: Cheaper Energy Bills

As you would be generating your own electricity supply you will no longer use as much electricity from your energy supplier. This can be a saving of around 12 pence per Kilowatt, per hour (dependent on how much you pay for your electricity). Add this to the fact that you are also getting paid from the generation tariff, it makes solar a very attractive proposition.

Even better news is that the Generation and Export Tariffs are guaranteed for 25 years, and will rise each year with the retail price index.

Serious consideration should also be given to the cost of energy rising year on year.

We are aware that you will have many questions regarding solar power so please contact us to arrange a free no obligation quotation for your premises.

*If the survey is over 150 miles from our office then a charge may be applied, should you proceed to carry out the works this will be refunded.