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In a few short years of existence LED lighting has come a very long way. Whether you require decorative garden lighting, office retrofit lighting or warehouse and distribution lighting we can now provide an LED application for a wide variety of needs.

Existing fluorescent light fittings retrofitted with 22W LED tubes.

We can retrofit LED lighting into almost any commercial light fitting, if however it can't be retrofitted we can replace the fitting with a new LED fitting. On average we have saved our clients 60% on there energy bills by switching them to LED. With the amount of LED lighting now available, from striplights to low bays it is possible to make savings all around your property.

At Best Electrical we have an exclusive deal with our manafacturers which enables us to offer you a 5 year, no hassle gaurantee on all low energy lighting works.

As of 1st November 2010, our new offices will feature a solar powered showroom and the latest LED lighting will be displayed including LED deck and pond lighting in our outdoor area.

If you are still unsure on how much you could benefit from using LED lighting, we can produce you a report on how much energy you will be saving year on year. Coupled with the energy saving here would be minimal maintenance costs.

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